Alexandre D., 13 Russia

Mar 24, 2013 Genevi Guestbook

I annoyed Geneviève for three weeks , then again for another two while I learnt with her. I had an unforgettable time with her ( after which, Geneviève had to take a year’s holiday). I had originally planned to come for just three weeks , but upon discovering these being a big chess tournament I stayed for another two, through not wih Geneviève.
For the first three weeks , I had two hours of the courses each daytexts, vocab,grammar. I think I perfect my French ! When Geneviève speaks French , you understand every word. My grand mother who didn’t know a word of French , began to understand her ( sometimes with gestures) Thanks to wonderful excursions, I now know Nice and the little villages a bit . I met many French people and I have even got a friend of my own age . Geneviève did every thing to put me at ease. I accompanied her going shopping, doing the cooking etc… Geneviève cooking was another story: If you don’t stay with her and she doesn’t need anymore holidays, she could easily became a chief in a restaurant.

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