Nice is idealy located between the mountains and the sea.
It is famous for the pebble beaches, the architecture and the wide range of activities.

Officially Nice became part of France the 14th June, 1860 for military reasons. The  era of tourism arrived with the British aristocracy who gave their name to the «Promenade des anglais ». Attracted by the mild climate, they set up their winter quarters in Nice. Later on, they were imitated by the Italians, Russians and Americans .

Many events punctuate life in Nice. One of the most famous is obviously the Nice Carnival which contributes greatly to the fame of the city with its floats, large heads in papier mâché and the King of Mascarades. Another important part of life in the Azurean capital is the Nice Jazz Festival. Every year, this event attracts musicians from all four corners of the globe.

It is nice to walk through the old part of town. This district is very pleasant and has a great atmosphere both by day and by night. By strolling through the little streets, walkers discover the city’s history and all sorts of small boutiques and restaurants. Other “musts” to visit are the “Marché aux Fleurs” (flower market) and the Cours Saleya fruit, vegetable and fish market.

If you are  fond of  museums, you will not be disappointed by  your stay in Nice. The city has plenty of them to visit !