Cannes is the star of the French Riviera, famous for the International Film Festival and the glitzy hotels, cars, beaches and visitors attracted here. Although it’s probably the opposite of the Beyond type villages of the arriére pays, it would be a shame to visit the South of France without experiencing the city for yourself. Film producers (yea, sure!) and starlets for the festival in May. Tourists year-round and crowds of tourists in the summer. Exotic people and real people, and plenty of poodles (it is France , after all). The yachts and cruise ships float in the blue water, and you can’t always tell which is which by the size.

The city of Cannes is centered around the old port, with the central part quite compact. The famous Croisette is the boulevard and the beach that extends around the bay to the east of the port, in the protected Rade de Cannes. Out around the point at the west side of the port, the Boulevard Jean Hibert runs along the coast to the west, with even more fine sandy beaches. The Rue d’Antibes is the main street running east-west through the center of the city, becoming the Rue Félix Faure at the bottom end, past the Allée de la Liberté and the port. The Boulevard Carnot runs north out of the city, through residential-shopping areas, to the A8 autoroute , and inland towards Grasse .

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