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Business French

“I greatly enjoyed the private French lessons with Geneviève . She specifically designed an intensive three-week French course to help with my transition to Luxembourg, in pursuit of new job opportunities.

French immersion in the daily life

From the moment I sat in the plane Moscow Nice, I thought, “My God, but what did I have invented How am I going to understand my teacher when I’m not talking french well?
But all my fears disappeared as soon as I met Geneviève  at the airport. I lived with her for two weeks in September 2012. It has been a wonderful time!

Nice is ideal for learning the French language “

I had private french lessons for  4 weeks with Geneviève . I needed to learn the French language for my work. When I arrived in Nice, I couldn’t speak any French. I knew ONLY “Hello, How are you?, My name is Koji and I am Japanese. “Thanks to her  courses and conversation ,

Immersion in the French way of life”

My name is Brenda. I live in San Diego, CA. I spent two weeks with Geneviève in the autumn of 2012 and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. Geneviève is an excellent teacher as well as a gracious host and wonderful cook.