I started French Lessons with Genevieve10 months ago and I have enjoyed every lesson.Genevieve is an excellent teacher, she is patient, encouraging and very generous with her time.Each lesson includes something different and interesting with a nice balance between learning new things and practising conversation.

Learning French via Skype

I have had the pleasure of taking french lessons  with Geneviève via Skype for my B1 exams and these lessons were incredibly helpful in improving my French.

French Skype Lessons – a good experience

Since I had so much free time due to Covid 19, I decided to do something constructive and improve my French
visit of the citadelle of Villrfranche sur mer

Language Immersion in Nice – October 2019

October 2019-Lonnie - USA To Whom It May Concern: I spent the first week of October 2019 in a language immersion program with Genèvieve. It was an amazing evening! I could not have been happier. I was met at the train station by Genèvieve which is just a five minute walk from the apartment building.

Improve in French in an enjoyable way- July 2020

Genevieve 's style is adaptable, warm and wild relaxed. The program is at the same time very rigorous, the perfect combination for anyone to quickly improve their French in an enjoyable way.

Daily french lessons

I was incredibly nervous for my immersion adventure. Geneviève put me at ease within minutes of meeting. Her warmth and curiosity make her the perfect instructor. My knowledge of French is spotty in places which made immersion very difficult. Geneviève was able to tailor her instruction to where I was and help me to improve.

Speaking French throughout the day

NovemberI have just completed a two week immersion course with Genevieve in Nice. It was amazing and I enjoyed everything about it.  Genevieve is so warm, friendly and really put me at ease.

Prepare for the DELF B2″

I recently spent a fantastic week with Genevieve in Nice. My level of french is Advanced and my aim was to prepare for the DELF B2 exam while, of course, speaking as much french as possible. Both these aims were amply fulfilled by Gevevieve with great good humour and attention to detai

French lesson covered speaking, listening, reading, writing skills

I’m a typical Brit in that I studied French at secondary school for five years and subsequently parked it to one side once I finished school and have never used it since. I had always regretted not pursuing the language further in some way, shape or form and it was only through personal and professional goals

Immersion in Nice with a native speaker

For the last year Dot and I have been meeting once a week for an hour to practice our French. Whilst this has been good we felt we needed a new impetus in order to take a leap forwards.

French immersion stay was an incredible learning experience

I have spent a week with Geneviève for an immersive course in French. It was very helpful towards improving my grasp of the language. I requested help particularly with my speaking and comprehension skills, and I really appreciate how well she tailored the course to my needs.

A week learning French in Nice

Bonjour from Texas! I have just returned from a week in Nice studying with Genevieve and I can't say enough good things about my stay. Firstly, the instruction was top-notch. Each day she assessed my needs and tailored the day's lesson to me. At the end of the week, she gave me suggestions of on-line and print resources that would help me on my road to fluency.

The thrue value of an immersion course”

I had the pleasure of staying with Genevieve for 2 weeks in December 2015.  A last-minute opportunity arose to stay with Genevieve when a cancellation provided an opening – how fortunate for me was that cancellation, as Genevieve is a very busy and sought-after teacher!  My French was very rusty with significant holes in my understanding and application of the language. 

French immersion to develop language skills”

I spent two fantastic weeks in August 2015 with Geneviève learning French. I was a little nervous before I arrived as to what it would be like, but Geneviève welcomed me into her home, and made me feel very comfortable. I enjoyed the daily routine which included a morning swim in the sea.

Thinking in French – French Immersion in Nice

I tried to study with Genevieve in 2014 but she was fully booked.  Something told me to book for 2015 while I had a chance.  This was one of the best decisions I have made in a long while.

 French teacher in Nice

Geneviève is an excellent teacher and hostess.  She adapted very well to my level of french. Here is a bright, capable lady that takes charge.  I thought that three hours a day might be too much, but it wasn't.  The days are flexible, we even went by train to Monte Carlo for a day trip.  Most of the time she spoke in french, unless I made a funny face

French class far surpassed my expectation

I stayed with Geneviève for one week in March 2015. The class far surpassed my expectations. Geneviève is a wonderful teacher. She was encouraging, patient, and was very quickly able to assess my ability, and tailor the course to match my needs.

My French Homestay stay simply couldn’t have been better!”

I've just returned from a fantastic week in Nice Genevieve! I went completely unprepared, hoping Genevieve would have some ideas to help me improve my French. And she did!

Study French in France on the French Rivuera

What a week! My stay with Genevieve was a great adventure and so much fun. I had always wanted to study French in France, with a goal of overcoming my timidity and reticence in speaking.

Get to the next french level

I have had a great time with Geneviève . She is such a good teacher. When I got stuck on a grammar point she was very patient and would explain until I understood. I was only with her for 4 days but she immediately  identified areas that I needed to work on and by the end of the week I was far more confident.

French Immersion : one feels more confident

Thank you for the time with you in Nice – one week for Annika and also a second one for Filip. Annika: When we came I must admit I was a bit affected by all the comments I had from colleagues - What, are you going on vacation to study French?? They didn`t say: Are you out of your mind; but the message was pretty clear. So I was wondering if we had made the right choice?)

Increase your French comprehension considerably

I studied with Genevieve for two weeks.  From the moment I arrived in France, she was very sweet. In the beginning, I couldn’t understand anything she said.  A longtime ago, I had studied for three years in high school in the US. 

Total immersion into the French local culture in Nice

The three days I spent in Nice were just incredible as I took an immersion course with Geneviève and I lived in her apartment. Notwithstanding that I have studied French for almost a year at a language school in Lyon and having also passed my C1 exam, the course with Geneviève still helped me a lot in putting into practice what I have learnt.;;;;

Talk constantly French about everything –

I spent a week with Geneviève at her bright and lovely home. I studied French on weekday mornings and explored the region the rest of the time. Geneviève was recommended to me by a friend and she has all the qualities to which the testimonials attest. She is very professional, a good teacher who tries to understand what you need and to make the best use of your time.

French teaching very responsive to learning needs.”

I am a 69 years old American retired who came to Nice for 2 weeks to improve my French. I lived with Genevieve inherent apartment and she taught me 3 hours each morning. She is an excellent teacher who has been teaching French at all levels .......

Immersion on the French Riviera

This past April, I had the pleasure of meeting Genevieve and participating in her Learn French program. From the moment we met at the airport, I could sense her professionalism and attention to detail. I

French immersion : my hopes and expectations were met.”

When searching for a French immersion course, I quickly choose Genevieve, partly because of the personality I sensed from her website and partly because I wanted to return to the French Riviera.

Tailored french classes

I came to study with Genevieve after studying for some weeks at another school in France. I needed to 'fine tune' my understanding of the language and that is exactly what she provided. She quickly identified areas of weakness and we focused on those. The pieces of the language puzzle started to come together and for that I am grateful.

Learn French in Nice – Study French each morning

My friend Joan, and I spent a week  this September studying  French language with Geneviève at her apartment in Central Nice. We were very fortunate with the weather which was fine and sunny all the time. We had three hours study each morning, which was guided by our needs We had all our meals with Genevieve which was very good for our conversational skills

French immersion in Nice

Je voudrais remercier Geneviève de son accueil amical. Mon fils et moi, nous avons vécu chez elle pendant deux semaines en août 2013, mon fils a  étudié en cours individuels avec elle. Geneviève est très bon professeur, elle a l'expérience et elle choisit la méthode d'enseignement qui répond au niveau, aux buts et aux caractéristiques de l'élève.

Business French

“I greatly enjoyed the private French lessons with Geneviève . She specifically designed an intensive three-week French course to help with my transition to Luxembourg, in pursuit of new job opportunities.

French immersion in the daily life

From the moment I sat in the plane Moscow Nice, I thought, "My God, but what did I have invented How am I going to understand my teacher when I'm not talking french well? But all my fears disappeared as soon as I met Geneviève  at the airport. I lived with her for two weeks in September 2012. It has been a wonderful time!

Learn French in Nice an unforgettable time

I annoyed Geneviève for three weeks , then again for another two while I learnt with her. I had an unforgettable time with her ( after which, Geneviève had to take a year's holiday). I

French immersion in Nice gain confidence to speak French”

When I just arrived at Geneviève's apartment in Nice, I was very nervous and apprehensive at the idea of staying two weeks in Nice to learn French. But right away, Geneviève made me feel very comfortable at home.

Nice is ideal for learning the French language “

I had private french lessons for  4 weeks with Geneviève . I needed to learn the French language for my work. When I arrived in Nice, I couldn't speak any French. I knew ONLY "Hello, How are you?, My name is Koji and I am Japanese. "Thanks to her  courses and conversation ,

Immersion in the French way of life”

My name is Brenda. I live in San Diego, CA. I spent two weeks with Geneviève in the autumn of 2012 and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. Geneviève is an excellent teacher as well as a gracious host and wonderful cook.

French immersion in Nice – “I was able to communicate very soon.”

I spent 3 weeks learning French with Geneviève and I could not be more satisfied with the progress that I made. At first French seemed like a very complicated language but due to Geneviève’s comprehensive and clear lessons, I was able to communicate very soon. I was really pleased with Genviève’s patience in the lessons.

Brush up your French -, Total immersion in Nice

I needed to brush up my French for work and social reasons but had limited amount of time (one week).

A balance between learning and practising conversation

I started French Lessons with Genevieve10 months ago and I have enjoyed every lesson.Genevieve is an excellent teacher, she is patient, encouraging and very generous with her time.Each lesson includes something different and interesting with a nice balance between learning new things and practising conversation.

Her lessons are always fun.My Husband has commented that he can always hear me laughing from the next room during class.

I am at B2 level and Genevieve’s lessons are a perfect fit for my French learning needs.I am off to France in June on holiday and I will now have the confidence to speak French at every opportunity thanks to Genevieve.


Sydney Australia

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