About me.

It’s been almost fifteen years now that I have been teaching French to foreigners, and I must confess that I have not yet got tired of meeting new students and sharing the beautiful French language, the country and its way of life with them.

I have always been convinced that the formula of total immersion in the country and its language, is the best way to learn a language in a fast and playful way, “you say what you live” and that makes all the difference to other more classic training methods.

Another advantage, but not the least of this formula : you benefit from an individual course, which is not only totally adapted to your level but you make progress naturally at your own pace, everything is done to  guarantee the success of your challenge, the  individual course and private discussions with your teacher require you to speak exclusively in French.
Another strong point of such a program : meals, excursions, daily activities are all opportunities to speak and quickly put into practice what you have learnt.
15  hours tuition per week in addition to 15 or more hours of conversation represent  an increase in value: an unbeatable quality-price ratio

My method.

My method is based on the main language skills as they have been defined by the Council of Europe in its Common European Framework of Reference for Languages namely
Oral and written comprehension
Oral and written expression

My degree: Master of French as a Foreign Language (TEFL) issued by the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis

I can not finish my presentation without talking about one of my favorite activities “La Cuisine”. Nice and its region are very rich in this domain : The niçoise cooking boasts many tasty specialities, and the fruits, vegetables and flowers markets with their fragrancy and colours are known throughout the world.

If you share this passion, I’d be happy to show you how to prepare some specialities, our courses may from time to time become intensive culinary highlights of your stay !

I look forward to seeing you soon,