August 2012- Jasha – Swisserland

I spent 3 weeks learning French with Geneviève and I could not be more satisfied with the progress that I made. At first French seemed like a very complicated language but due to Geneviève’s comprehensive and clear lessons, I was able to communicate very soon. I was really pleased with Genviève’s patience in the lessons. During the week I would have 3 hours of individual French lessons in the morning, afterwards I was free to do what I liked. I felt right at home in Genviève’s nice apartment which was located in a great part of town as it was in walking distance to any of the museums and beaches Nice has to offer. The atmosphere was very relaxed and pleasant. There was a great balance between hard work and relaxation (lying on the beach). Not to forgot, the food was excellent!!! I also met very many nice international people in Nice with whom I would try to improve my French. For me the trip was really amazing and enjoyable. I really thank Genviève for the great and memorable time I had there.