January 2013- Koji- Japan

I had private french lessons for  4 weeks with Geneviève . I needed to learn the French language for my work. When I arrived in Nice, I couldn’t speak any French. I knew ONLY “Hello, How are you?, My name is Koji and I am Japanese. “Thanks to her  courses and conversation , I got the ability of communication quickly. I was really proud when I could communicate in a restaurant, a bakery and market. As my biggest goal was to have the ability of basic communication, the individual lesson  with Geneviève was the best choice for me. She corrected my  errors  my granmar and pronunciation. I improve  so much in so little time. The apartment where I stayed in the heart of Nice was very accesible Nice is ideal for learning the French language with the mild climate .The cooking  was delicious and various: not ONLY my level of French but my waist  expanded. Thanks to her, my four weeks stay was a very rich experience