Advice , never venture into a conversation with poeple from Nice asking them the following question , you’d be surprised by the result:
“But , in fact , what do you put into an authentic salade nicoise ” ?
Responses fuse, the debate gets passionate, the volume rises, the conversation gets confused and you will never get a clear and precise answer .

You ‘ve been warned
Basically, salade niçoise consists of a local row vegetables : So, no potatoes , no green beans, as suggested by some recipes, and for seasoning , olive oil , salt and pepper only, exit the dressing and even less mayonnaise ( Such a heresy , you will be called a ” Paillaso ” which means , buffoon , puppet !)

For a salade niçoise for 6 /8 people, you will need
– a dozen tomatoes, I suggest you to peel them, the result is incomparable
– a salad pepper , it is a small green pepper lying
– some scallions or white onion
– few sprigs of basil
– some small black olives of Nice, not pitted
– 3 boiled eggs
– a few anchovy fillets
– a small can of tuna in brine
– extra virgin olive oil , salt and pepper
– a clove of garlic

And that’s all or almost all :
You can add in season of course, broad beans , small local row purple artichokes cut into thin slices , a sprig of celery heart . This last ingédient is tolerated, it is accepted with great reluctance :
” Yes, ” you will be told ” you can do it but …………………. ” And thus controversy starts all over again

Flavour your serving dish with the glove of garlic
Boil the eggs, plunge them into cold water, and then peel them.
Peel and cut tomatoes into quarters , remove excess seed
Chop small salad pepper and spring onions in slices
Decorate with the flaked tuna , the hard boiled eggs , sliced ​​or quartered, the slices of peppers, anchovies and black olives .
Chop the basil leaves .
Salt and pepper, pour a little olive oil into the preparation
Keep cool until ready to serve
Mix it delicately at the last moment before serving

Bon appétit!

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