January 2015 – Janet – England

I had a great time with Geneviève . She is such a good teacher. When I got stuck on a grammar point she isvery patient and would explain until I understandd.
I was only with her for 4 days but she immediately  identified areas that I needed to work on and by the end of the week I was far more confident.
With Geneviève’s encouragement I have realised that I can get to the next level and will definitely be booking another stay with her.
Nice is a lovely town, easy to get around, with lots of things to see and do. I also felt very safe, which as a single traveller was very important.
I stayed in the little appartment across the road, it was well appointed and a great location for the centre of the town.
I had a wonderful time in the afternoons exploring the culture and then reporting back to Geneviève in the evening, over one of her lovely meals and a glass of wine.
I  have been to several language schools in France with varying successes but Geneviève’s immersion teaching was by far the best.
It is very intensive but she recognises when your brain won’t take anymore and a cup of reviving coffee is offered!