Annick et Philip – Finlande

Thank you for the time with you in Nice – one week for Annika and also a second one for Filip.
Annika: When we came I must admit I was a bit affected by all the comments I had from colleagues – What, are you going on vacation to study French?? They didn`t say: Are you out of your mind; but the message was pretty clear. So I was wondering if we had made the right choice?)
They were wrong and we were right. We both like to have something meaningful to do during vacation, and the balance between our morning lessons, dinners or lunches + the tours in Nice and the free time we had was perfect.
For us it felt like vacation even if we tried to work hard – to be able to concentrate on just one thing is truly relaxing as an antidote to the everyday working life. We hope you agree with us when we say, we think we both learned quite a lot. After speaking so much French one feels more feel more confident and it is much easier to speak, which is a huge step forward in itself.
And as an extra bonus we learned more about the area. It is so much more rewarding to see a place through the eyes of someone who lives there than as a complete outsider.
All in all we are very pleased with our stay – happy to come back another time.
We wish you all the best,
Annika & Filip