I studied with Genevieve for two weeks.  From the moment I arrived in France, she was very sweet. In the beginning, I couldn’t understand anything she said.  A longtime ago, I had studied for three years in high school in the US.  However, I forgot most of what I learned.  But Genevieve was very patient.  Each day, she taught a grammar lesson, provided practice exercises, and she chose some articles to read and discuss, that were related to my work and my interests.  She maintained a very comfortable environment, and the studio, that she rented to me, was perfect: very close to her house, and also a short walk to the beach, fifteen minutes to Old Nice, and a few minutes to the stores.  Typically, she cooked more food than I could eat!  In two weeks, I learned a great deal of grammar, a lot of vocabulary, and increased my comprehension considerably.  One day, in a restaurant, a French woman even asked me if I was Swiss, because she said that I spoke French very well.  A huge compliment!  I really enjoyed my stay in Nice… I only wish I could have stayed longer.