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I started French Lessons with Genevieve10 months ago and I have enjoyed every lesson.Genevieve is an excellent teacher, she is patient, encouraging and very generous with her time.Each lesson includes something different and interesting with a nice balance between learning new things and practising conversation.

Language Immersion in Nice – October 2019

October 2019-Lonnie – USA

To Whom It May Concern:

I spent the first week of October 2019 in a language immersion program with Genèvieve. It was an amazing evening! I could not have been happier. I was met at the train station by Genèvieve which is just a five minute walk from the apartment building.

Daily french lessons

I was incredibly nervous for my immersion adventure. Geneviève put me at ease within minutes of meeting. Her warmth and curiosity make her the perfect instructor. My knowledge of French is spotty in places which made immersion very difficult. Geneviève was able to tailor her instruction to where I was and help me to improve.